Ready to Be Stress Free?

In Relax, Girl! You Got This, I talk about how you can be stress-free for life. Now, I know there are some of you out there that are like, “Yeah, right. That’s not happening,”

Just hear me out, okay?

Stress is a state of mind. Your brain interprets external stimuli according to your beliefs. If that stimuli threatens the brain’s beliefs or identity, the result is stress. For example, you’re sitting in a class that is difficult for you. You have struggled to keep you grade up, but you’re doing okay. The teacher walks in and says today is going to be a pop quiz. Your brain automatically creates a stress response. “Oh, no! What if I fail the quiz? What will happen to my grade?”

The brain knows you want to do well in the class. It knows you are afraid of doing poorly. It recognizes this quiz as a threat according to YOUR beliefs and priorities. So, you panic.

Now imagine the same scenario, except you know that no matter how badly you do on this quiz, you’ll still ace the class. No panic. No stress response.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the stress is INTERNAL, and that is where you turn it off. Look, you’re not actually going to die if you fail a pop quiz. And in terms of life-long effects, this quiz has very little power over your destiny. So, why are you allowing it to have so much power over you right now? You can put stress to bed by understanding that it only has power over you if you allow it.

Imagine that you just won the lottery. You are going to receive $10 million. In your mind vividly see the scene where you realize you have just won all that money.

How do you feel? Exhilarated? Over-joyed? Bursting at the seems happy? Pay attention, because this is the MOST IMPORTANT lesson. Right now, because of your imagination, you created those joyful feelings. Nothing changed in your current circumstances.

You might be tempted to say, “No, I can’t turn off the stress response because things have real-world consequences.” Okay, but here’s the thing. The stress you feel doesn’t make the real-world events better or worse. It just makes you FEEL worse.

You can have a huge pile of homework that needs to be done, and you can stress about it, or you can relax and get to work. If you are stressed, you’ll be less effective and less happy. If you say, “Well, no use stressing. I’ll do my best and accept whatever happens,” you will most likely get more done, be happier and have better results.

YOU have a choice.

All mental and emotional stress is self-inflicted. When you understand this, you can choose what state of mind you want to be in. Stressed and anxious or relaxed and at peace.

It really is a choice. If you want to choose to be stress-free, I teach you how in Relax, Girl! You Got This and in this video.



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