Announcing: “The Big-Mouthed Bass”

I have series of short stories that have been in my head for years. I pitched them to my sister-in-law a few years ago, and every time I talk about a new novel, she says, “Is it the fishing one?”

So, I decided to get moving on this project. I wrote the first story for a humor class last semester and went around and around about where to send it. I considered literary magazines, but it’s too long for most of them. Finally, I decided to release it on Kindle for only $.99. When something is on Kindle for $.99, your royalties are like $.30. But, that’s not really the point. The point is, I wanted people to have access to it, so here it is:



Wheezie is looking for love and a perfect first kiss, but she’s on a deadline. She’s determined to land that kiss before her 16th birthday, only four days away.

Quinn McMurphy wasn’t what Wheezie had in mind, but she’s determined to knock him off his sized fifteen feet.

Buy it NOW on Amazon. Enjoy!


Rivers of Ink 2013

I had a great time presenting at Rivers of Ink Writers’ Conference in Richland, WA on October 11th-12th, 2013. This year I presented two workshops. The first was “Writing for Young Adults.”  Here I am talking about all things YA–my favorite topic.

The second day I presented on Author Platform, and let me tell you, I was nervous. It’s not that the topic worried me. I wanted to get everyone online to do a Twitter chat and actually run Hootsuite. Well, we had Internet access, but not everyone had an Internet device. Also, my laptop didn’t have the right plug for the old projector, so I had to use a friend’s. Notwithstanding, the workshop was a lot of fun, and I think we covered everything that the attendees wanted to hear.

See the Pepsi on the table? Yes, it’s mine. I’m telling you, I run on sugar.

The very best part of Rivers of Ink is the connections I have made with other writers. This is only my second year, and I feel like I know these writers well. They are my friends and my colleagues. I’m rooting for them to have wildly successful books. We’re all in this together.

For anyone who missed Rivers of Ink, here are the handouts from my workshop and also the handout from the workshop on Crime Scene Investigation and Police Procedure. Enjoy!

Author Platform handout

Writing for YA Handout

Handout- CSI & Police Procedure


Join Me at Rivers of Ink

Yesterday we had a great turn out at Rivers of Ink Writers’ Conference, at the Richland Public Library. We have one more day of exiting keynotes and workshops. Poet Laureate and winner of the Washington State Book Award in Poetry, Kathleen Flenniken will be the keynote this morning.

Nine workshops are on the schedule today as well as pitch sessions with agent Linn Prentis. I heard a rumor that Linn found a book yesterday that she’s interested in representing.

This afternoon, I’ll be presenting on Author Platform. Jason Bond and I created our back-to-back workshops to build on one another. I’m teaching the nuts and bolts of online media, then he’ll go more into depth on content and avoiding social media faux pas.

It’s not too late! Doors open at 9:30, and walk-in attendees are welcome! See you there