Blog Tour- Day 3

Are you ready to meet some more awesome book bloggers? Today is Day Three of the Painted Blind blog tour and giveaway. I have to confess that I fully intended to tweet and retweet every mention of the tour on Twitter, but I can’t keep up. I feel bad because I can’t remember which users I thanked on Twitter and I was having trouble matching them up with their blogs. In short, I was hoping to be a better, more cordial and appreciative author, but they were too awesome for me! XOXOXO!

So, click on over to these blogs today for some more Painted Blind fun.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And remember, there is that fabulous INTERNATIONAL giveaway! You can’t enter here. You have to give some love to those hard-working, reading-through-the-night bloggers.

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