Say What?

Here is a laugh out loud moment for you.

My novel… in paperback on Amazon marketplace.

Used from $109.08.  What? Seriously? Why would they even post it if it is so outrageously priced?

But, no! It gets better.

You can buy it new for $888.00 plus $3.99 shipping (from Canada, so I’m pretty sure it will be more shipped to the U.S.).

Hey, if you have $888 you want to spend on Painted Blind, I will make you a MUCH better deal. And I will personalize each and every copy.

Has this happened to anyone else? Or is my book just on some wacky list?


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  1. Yeah, it’s on some weird robo generated thing. We should all be paid a hundred a pop. 🙂

  2. That is so bizarre. I’ve seen a few other books that seemed priced high, but the $888 is the hands-down winner of the Freaking Weird Stuff Contest.

  3. Unfortunately, this happens to everyone and sometimes it’s ARC that aren’t supposed to be sold. I’d never buy a book for that price, let alone from a shady place that is selling books that specifically say they aren’t for sale.

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