Oh, what fun!

The folks over at the Richland Public Library are so awesome. We had a great time Wednesday night at the launch party and signing. And, they had their photos posted bright and early the next morning. I am extremely tardy by comparison.

I signed books.

I saw old friends.

I talked about my journey as a writer.

Most of all, I felt humbled and so very grateful to every person who has been so kind and supportive of this writing dream of mine. One might assume that publishing a book gives you a sense of pride. It has given me a sense of humility. The success or failure of the book is entirely in the hands of others– readers. The ones who pick it up, love it and tell their friends are the book’s life-blood. I understand perfectly that I will achieve nothing without the support of others. Events like this are priceless. It gives me the chance to simply say thank you!

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  1. It was wonderful to see you. Very happy and proud of you! Congrats and keep it up!

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