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So, what is next? We had two very fun launch parties.

Next up is a signing at the Richland Bookworm on Friday, June 22, 2012 during the Richland Farmer’s Market. I will be signing books from 9ish to whenever there stops being lots of people around. We hope that will be close to noon. It may be sooner.

Today the weather was crummy. I really hope summer decides to show up on Friday. My poor girls started swimming lessons today in 65 degree weather with the wind blowing and intermittent rain. The youngest had blue lips by the time her lesson was over.

Then, I have a pretty open summer… well, not exactly. I just don’t have book events scheduled because I have kids going to scout camp and kids going to day camp and a family reunion. You know how it goes. Suddenly summer is a busy time of year. Come August I will be here!

No one needs to tell me that an MFA in Creative Writing is a foolish endeavor. You can write books without it. The thing is, I want to be the very best author I can be, and let’s face it, no agent or editor was beating down my door trying to sign me.

I’ve looked around. This program is unique because it isn’t run by college professors. It is run by working authors. Yep, getting trained by the ones making a living writing. That is what I want. Plus, I’m an educator. If I want to get re-certified I need credits. I looked for years for a master’s program that I actually wanted to complete. I didn’t want a MA in literature or education or educational administration. This feels right. I admit, I make some major decisions based on how it feels to me. After years of searching for “the next step” this was IT. I just knew it.

Come August, I am moving back into student mode. Nine blissful days on Whidbey Island in the company of other authors. I can write without playing mom. It sounds heavenly.

When I come back, it will be time for this….

… the Painted Blind blog tour hosted by A Tale of Many Reviews. I am SO excited about his. This month I am sending out the ARCs to  the reviewers and gearing up for posts.

So many things to look forward to. I hope you will keep stopping in and enjoying them!

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