Can’t. Stop. Smiling.

I got a surprise phone call last night while I was on a date with the hubby. It was the owner of the local Indie bookstore. She said, “We need more books. We’re sold out.”

{Cue happy screaming.}

I think it was LM Preston who said in a blog post that you should always have books with you. Right before heading out the door I grabbed a box with promo stuff and four books. I said, “How many books do you need?”

She replied, “How many can I have?” Can I just tell you this is a great question to be asked from a bookseller? I replied that within 10 minutes she could have four (thank you, LM!) and I could deliver more next week.

Why did they sell out of my book? The employee who works that store read it when I dropped it off, and she LOVED it. She’s been selling it to everyone who walks in the door. As I came into the store with my box of books, a woman was walking out reading the back of Painted Blind. Yep, she’d just bought their last copy. I am scheduled to do a signing at that same store on June 22. I had a great chat with the owner and the sales gal about the book. They are excited. I am excited.

Thank you, Richland Bookworm. I can’t stop smiling.

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4 thoughts on “Can’t. Stop. Smiling.

  1. Michelle – how thrilling! You have a real grass roots movement going. I hope it gets bigger and you have more moments of “Cue happy screaming.” 😀

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