Enter to Win A KINDLE!

Want to join the ebook revolution, but you don’t have a Kindle? Tired of reading ebooks on your tiny little phone? Now is your chance to win a KINDLE!

With the print edition of PAINTED BLIND coming out in a few weeks, it is time to get the word out. I set a lofty goal of 1000 likes on facebook, and I know we can get there together.

Here is how to enter the contest:

1. LIKE the Painted Blind page on facebook.

2. Suggest that your friends LIKE the Painted Blind page.

3. REPOST this contest in your facebook status by posting this blog link (if possible, tag me in the post or comments)

4. Go to the CONTACT form and send my your email and snail mail with a note that you’ve entered.

When PAINTED BLIND reaches 1000 likes, I will randomly draw a winner. If we can pull this off before May 15th, I will throw in a case for YOUR new Kindle! So, get to clicking.

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  1. I need to go pick up a copy. I haven’t had time! Dying to read it!! I’ve heard good things.

  2. Awesome book…can’t wait to get it in paperback!!!!

  3. I entered your contest. I’m excited to have a new book to read!

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