A Taste Test Blog Tour- CJ Duggan

We are kicking off the Taste Test Blog Tour today with C.J. Duggan, author of The Boys of Summer.

TASTE TEST TOUR: Tell us about your very first story

CJ: We’re friends right? I mean I feel I know you.

*Looks around nervously*

O.K so I am going to show you something, it’s by all means not an original story more so an adaptation if you will on a childhood classic. I was cleaning out some cupboards, you know how it goes you plan to do the massive ‘clean out’ only to be side tracked hours later by all the cool stuff you find. Old photo’s, school reports, embarrassingly penned stories. Much to my amusement I found what I could only assume is one of my first attempts of learning to write, at least I hope that is the case? There is unfortunately no date attached but it is my hope that based on the spelling and general penman ship that I was really, really young?

Here is my adaptation of the Billy Goats Gruff, at least that’s what it’s supposed to be.

Instead my personal favorite highlights were the sounds effects of the crossing of the bridge “Teptetapete…” BRILIIANT! And not to mention what I assume is the sound of a death rattle at the end with “Oawpl…”

Very imaginative.

It had it all, intrigue, suspense, drama, action. So there you have it one of my very first penned stories about the ‘Billy Goast Gruff”??

TASTE TEST TOUR: We can’t wait to see what you write next. What is your next book about?

CJ: This Life  (Paranormal Romance) Available 2013

I sensed his presence…all the time. How could I not? He just won’t shut up! He doesn’t think I see him, but oh I see him, and hear him. I find it somewhat amusing the things people say when they don’t think you hear them. But that’s people, he’s not a person, he’s not a man, he’s not really here, he’s dead…

I wonder if he knows it??

Kate Sawyer sees thing’s, dead things but that little fact hasn’t plagued her for over 10 years, not since the ghost of a dead Math’s Professor helped her cheat on her final exams. Having been raised in a wealthy well-known family Kate’s off beat visions have threatened to hurt the Sawyer’s perfect profile. After years of therapy and medication at her parent’s insistence Kate’s ghostly connections as a child soon disappeared …until now.

James Bayley has been in this life longer than any other, he doesn’t know why. His existence is that confined to an inner city townhouse, where over a century he has silently watched people pass and his surroundings change. He aimlessly wishes to pass from this life to the next; until beautiful Kate inhabits his home, and his so called existence will never be the same.

Together they unlock many truths and find that all you are and all you have been is not all that matters.

Learn more about C.J. Duggan and Boys of Summer today on the blog tour. Check out each of these blogs. Melissa Pearl has the rafflecopter drawing for the prize packs listed below. I will try to get it copied over here, but I am a little tech-impaired.


http://can-duu.blogspot.com – CJ Duggan’s Blog

http://www.michelleahansen.com – Michelle A. Hansen’s Blog

http://heather.bishoffs.com – Nolia McCarty’s Blog

http://yalicious.blogspot.com – Brenda Howson’s Blog

http://lmpreston.blogspot.com – LM Preston’s Blog

http://melissapearl.blogspot.com – Melissa Pearl’s Blog

Each author will be featured on all six blogs on a particular day with different guest posts and interviews – all of them are short, sweet and a ton of fun to read.


Monday 21st – CJ Duggan
Tuesday 22nd – Michelle A. Hansen
Wednesday 23rd – Nolia McCarty (aka Heather Marie Adkins)
Thursday 24th – Brenda Howson

Monday 28th – LM Preston
Tuesday 29th – Melissa Pearl



CJ Duggan
Summer Pack – Beach bag, lip balm, bookmark, autographed The Boys of Summer print

Michelle A. Hansen
A printed copy of Painted Blind, a signed Painted Blind 8×12 cover enlargement, a Painted Blind promo pack containing bookmark, postcard, hand made soap and lip balm

Nolia McCarty
Digital copies of Heaven Below and Eternal Youth

Brenda Howson
The same type of necklace worn by Mica and Lexy in Forbidden Territory, a bookmark and a digital ARC of Forbidden Territory

LM Preston
A keychain, a magnet and an ARC paperback copy of The Pack – Retribution

Melissa Pearl
The same type of necklace worn by Mica and Lexy in Forbidden Territory, a bookmark and a digital ARC of Forbidden Territory

A Taste Test Prize Pack
Digital copies of:
The Kiss Off by Sarah Billington
My Enchanted Life by Laura Eno
Painted Blind by Michelle A. Hansen
Eternal Youth by Julia Crane and Nolia McCarty
ARC of Forbidden Territory
ARC of The Pack: Retribution
Golden Blood by Melissa Pearl
Paperback copy of:
From Fame to Shame by Veronica Blade
Bookmark and lip balm from CJ Duggan

Enter to win at http://melissapearl.blogspot.com


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