WHS- Day 2: Revision Workshop

Meeting with large groups of kids in the auditorium was fun, but truth be told, I am much more comfortable as a teacher than a presenter. The front of the classroom feels like home, and I was grateful for this second day with the same students in a smaller setting to discuss the writing process. The teachers chose the topic: revision.

I like this setting because the students feel more comfortable in their own classroom, and then they actually ask questions.

What students don’t realize, and what I’ve always known, is that I couldn’t be a writer without having continual contact with them. They are the reason I write. I love young adults, and being in a high school gives you better perspective than just remembering what is was like when you were there. Things do change, but some things remain constant.

My favorite questions from this school visit:

How long does it take you to write a book? 1st draft- 6 mo to a year

How do you write so MUCH? This was my favorite. I realize that 400 pages IS a lot, but I tried to explain that it feels different than writing an essay.

Do you know the end when you start? Actually, I do. I usually know the climax and the ending before the beginning. (Which is to say, I write backwards?)

Where can I get your book? I don’t think I have to say why I loved this question. I just hope they enjoy reading it.




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