Wahluke High School- Day 1

There was no better place to start an author school tour than here at Wahluke High School.  The English department staff is amazing and the teachers I visited are inspiring, dedicated people. It was a privilege to present to their students. 

We spent the first day in the auditorium with all the English classes combined. I introduced the students to the myth of Cupid and Psyche and Painted Blind.  We also discussed the power of the story and why writing is such an essential skill for each of them.

The students were great. Even in this large group setting they were attentive and involved.

I made them vote thumbs up and thumbs down whether or not they liked reading and whether or not they enjoyed writng. I was surprised at how many said they DID enjoy writing. Horray!

This auditorium is a large and beautiful facility.  However, I was glad they didn’t make me stand on the stage. They were worried because they didn’t have a mic for me. Ha! We laughed. I have have teacher’s voice. It travels.



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