Wading through Wattpad

Have any of you heard of wattpad? I would describe it as facebook/myspace meets youtube for writers.  Clear as mud?

Basically, it is a site where writers upload stories and gather readers and fans.  Which is a cool concept, but hard manage in reality. I am not sure how some pieces rise to the top of the ratings and most fall by the wayside. What I do know is that it takes time and effort to get your work read. And, the more you update, the more change you have of being read because it brings a book back to the top of the heap.

The readers there are pretty giving from what I have seen. They expect things in rough draft. Most people are writing stories a chapter at a time and posting as they go.  It is a nice way to get feedback on the work as it progresses.

So, I am giving wattpad a try, and I recommend it for any aspiring writer.  Find me and fan me, and I will be happy to read your work. My username is mahansen. You can find Painted Blind on wattpad and leave comments, too. Give it a vote, and it just might end up in the Watty Awards of 2012.  (Here’s to hoping!)


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