Wahluke High School- Day 1

There was no better place to start an author school tour than here at Wahluke High School.  The English department staff is amazing and the teachers I visited are inspiring, dedicated people. It was a privilege to present to their students. 

We spent the first day in the auditorium with all the English classes combined. I introduced the students to the myth of Cupid and Psyche and Painted Blind.  We also discussed the power of the story and why writing is such an essential skill for each of them.

The students were great. Even in this large group setting they were attentive and involved.

I made them vote thumbs up and thumbs down whether or not they liked reading and whether or not they enjoyed writng. I was surprised at how many said they DID enjoy writing. Horray!

This auditorium is a large and beautiful facility.  However, I was glad they didn’t make me stand on the stage. They were worried because they didn’t have a mic for me. Ha! We laughed. I have have teacher’s voice. It travels.



Back to School

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to spend the day at Wahluke High School talking about books and publishing and all things writing. Thanks to their enthusiastic English Department for making this possible.

Wading through Wattpad

Have any of you heard of wattpad? I would describe it as facebook/myspace meets youtube for writers.  Clear as mud?

Basically, it is a site where writers upload stories and gather readers and fans.  Which is a cool concept, but hard manage in reality. I am not sure how some pieces rise to the top of the ratings and most fall by the wayside. What I do know is that it takes time and effort to get your work read. And, the more you update, the more change you have of being read because it brings a book back to the top of the heap.

The readers there are pretty giving from what I have seen. They expect things in rough draft. Most people are writing stories a chapter at a time and posting as they go.  It is a nice way to get feedback on the work as it progresses.

So, I am giving wattpad a try, and I recommend it for any aspiring writer.  Find me and fan me, and I will be happy to read your work. My username is mahansen. You can find Painted Blind on wattpad and leave comments, too. Give it a vote, and it just might end up in the Watty Awards of 2012.  (Here’s to hoping!)


Book Group Visit

 I had the amazing opportunity to visit this book group and discuss Painted Blind. These ladies were so fun. I loved hearing their reactions to and input on the novel.  It was especially fun because I got to see one of my favorite people again– my first grade teacher, who literally taught me to write.

Life brings us full circle, doesn’t it?

My most sincerely thanks for a wonderful evening!

First Post!

This is the first post!

Welcome to the official launch of Michelle A. Hansen’s author website.  Here you will find news and updates about books and events. Come back often for give aways and interviews with other authors.